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Bikeability is today’s cycle training programme. It’s like cycling proficiency, but better! It’s the UK’s government cycle education programme designed to give more children the skills and confidence to ride more safely, more often.
Bikeability is a progressive programme in which trainees first master bike handling skills in a traffic-free environment (Level 1), then develop skills and confidence to cycle on local roads and simple junctions (Level 2), before tackling often busier, multi-lane roads and complex junctions
(Level 3). Additional ‘Bikeability Plus modules aim to increase the take up of Bikeability training in schools and its impact on children’s cycling.
Balance Bike Sessions
During our balance bike sessions children can learn how to balance on two wheels as well as brake, steer and other skills.
These sessions are for children aged 2-6. We work under the Bikeability Plus ratio of 2 instructors for each group of 12 riders.
We dont just put cones out, we have many different bits of large equipment including ramps, limbo poles, planks, boardwalks and much more including a mini traffic light and zebra crossing set. Sessions do include road safety elements that are specific for the age range that we are working with. Through many different games and activities there is always something to keep them progressing.

Learn To Ride
Forget those stabilisers and get pedalling whilst having fun and learning skills along the way with our learn to ride sessions.
Whether the riders are complete begginers, want to ditch the stabilisers or after some more confidence, will can help. Through our many different methods we can work with any age and any ability. Riders leave our learn to ride sessions with great confidence, safety knowledge and skill, not forgetting the all important goal that they have achieved.

A lot of the time riders work well within a group for various reason which is why having b-buddies to instruct is the more exciting way to learn to ride. Adults this is for you too!
Transition On The Road Training
Transition is one of the Bikeability activities which envolves being instructed riding a certain route. This can be from home to school, commuting to work or whatever your chosen route is.
Throughout the session/s instruction is given on route planning as well as the cycle training itself. These sessions are to the Bikeability ratios of 1 instructor to 6 riders, 2 instructors to 12 riders or on a private 1 instructor to 1 rider ratio.  Session times depend on the route that you require.
This can be a great way to make sure you are confident for your child to ride to school or if you are wanting to know the best way to travel to work. Riders do have to be in year 5 at school or above for this training.

Skills, Coaching And Trips
Cycling has so many aspects to it and b-buddies can cover them all, so whether you are after some coaching sessions, cycling in P.E or going on a cycling related trip and wanting an instructor or two, we can assist you.
We have regular cycling lessons at certain schools as well as trips to Sherwood Pines and other venues with certain schools. Maybe you would like to plan a trip for Scouts or Guides, or maybe you fancy an off road cycling experience with some collegues (great team building). We have lots of great places that we use for all sorts of activities.
All ratios depend on the age range and what activities are involved/
Cycle Hubs
b-buddies' Cycle Hubs contain all of the cycling related information you need for your local area as well as FREE bike checks and minor repairs with advice on buying a bike, servicing and repair bookings. 
Martin, who owns Soar Valley Cycles with more cycling and maintenance qualifications than he can remember, will be on hand to check over your bikes and repair anything that can be done there and then. If there is further work to be done he can book your bike into his workshop.
We also have with us information for not only all of our sessions and events but everything else that is going on within the area that you can get involved in.
Maintenance Classes And Courses
Interested in learning how to fix a puncture, how to service your bike or even more? There are many different maintenance classes and courses that can cover your specific needs with Soar Valley Cycles.
All levels of training available through the Park Tool School or the Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS).
These can be for groups of friends, schools or individuals. This isn't just for adults though, classes for children are also available. Ratios depend on the venue as well as what is included in the sessions as well as the age of participants taking part. 

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